Hardware USB HUB

Hello Steve,

I need to expand the number of USB ports in my setup. I use a ESI Midi Adapter M4U EX with 3 USB Ports. What is your recommendation to expand the number of USB Ports in my setup? Adding a active USB Routen on one of the ESI USB Ports? Or connect a USB HUB on the BomeBox USB port and put the ESI into the HUB ??? I want to avoid to buy a new MID Interface. I know the some vendors offers interfaces with 4 pr more USB Ports, but i don´t want to buy a new device for 300,00 + … Hope you can provide me with a good idea Thanks in advance and best regards…


I would put a powered USB hub on the BomeBox and connect it to your other USB devices. Then plug your ESI M4U into one o the new USB ports on your new powered USB hubs. I recommend this way as I know that the BomeBox USB can support up to 30 USB devices (each with multiple ports per device if the device supports it), where I’m not sure if there is a limitation of the USB ports on the ESI M4U.

I say a powered hub because the BomeBox can support up to 1A of current and usually if you have many USB devices it is possible they could consume more than 1A total.

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