Hauptwerk Sysex 11 byte Convert to 8 byte

I’m looking for software that will allow me to convert a 11 byte sysex coming from an organ console sent via MIDI to MOTU interface connected to Windows 10 PC and convert that sysex to 8 byte format that can be instantly sent back to the PC to the Hauptwerk program (virtual organ software) to trigger functionality in the software. Can anyone help me understand if Midi Translator Pro will do this and how I would go about this?

Hauptwerk has lots of options of data it can receive so in theory it wouldn’t need to be converted to sysex.

Some types Hauptwerk can receive:

  • Stop or hold-piston: MIDI control change-on/off, on value=127, off value=0.
  • Generic MIDI prog changes (excluding Johannus/Makin/Wyvern).
  • Generic MIDI control changes.
  • Generic MIDI RPNs.
  • Generic MIDI NRPNs.
  • Generic MIDI sys-ex constant messages (up to eight bytes in length).
  • Generic MIDI key after-touch (some Hoffrichter).
  • X-Keys one-shot character code.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

MT Pro can handle all of the MIDI control types you mentioned. It also handles keystroke in and out. MT Pro, does not, however differentiate keyboards (X-Keys vs your normal keyboard) and will not suppress the original incoming keystroke when translating to some other outgoing action.

I suggest you download the free trial and test it out. The free trial is fully functional but times out ever 20 minutes so it should be sufficient to test to ensure it will work for you.

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