Headless Running?

Do the paid-for versions of midi-translator and midi-translator classic work properly on a headless PC?

That would mean that on launch they load the last project, reconnect the midi devices, activate midi thru and start translating with zero user inputs?

I use a headless mini PC embedded in my rack case to give me some VST effects and samples when I’m playing live. I’m slowly connecting all the controllers together and Midi Translator is really helping with that, but if there’s even one click needed to start working then that means I need to bring a screen and a mouse to every gig, and that makes everything a lot less realistic.

It’s hard to tell from the trial versions what happens to the pro versions on launch, because I always get the trial pop ups, so it would be good to get some confirmation before I decide whether to buy.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

In general if there are no errors, such as assigning MIDI aliases, the the project file would run headless. I believe we have some clients that do this.

With that said, I would still recommend taking along something to access the computer to a gig just in case. This is not only true for Bome MIDI Translator Pro but for any application running on the PC. I would not want to be in position that due to some error on one of the applications, that the show could not go on.

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Bome Customer Care

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Glad to hear it!

Of course you’re right that it’s sensible to have a way to trouble shoot, and I do have a portable monitor that’s easy enough to slip into a flight case.

My real worry was that for every live use (including rehearsals etc) I’d have to burrow into the case to connect the HDMI and USB cables, then press one single button in midi-translator, then extract the cables and repack the monitor after using it for two minutes. It’s much more convenient to only pull that stuff out if I’m having problems, and in theory I can use a remote desktop connection to check what is going on.

Thanks for the response.

Yes, the trial version is really not meant to be used for a production environment as it times out every 20 minutes as well.

Of course if you ran your rig on a BomeBox, you wouldn’t need a computer at all. But of course if you are running VST’s they indeed need a host. BomeBox has a web interface for setup and configuration. I can just access it via my iPhone.