Help needed with mapping MIDI messages in Bome MIDI Translator for DaVinci Resolve Fairlight and Loupedeck (Total Newbie)

OK I programmed the first two channels.
The way Mackie V-Pot (Pan) work is they send value of 01 through n for right turn where n is usually less than 5 but it is relative to the last position. For left turn they send 64-n where n is usually less than 69. Again it is a relative position from where it was last.
The CC numbers are 16-23 for V-POT 1-8 respectively

So with this it is a little trickier since you are sending absolute values 0-127.
We have to compare the last known value with the new value and then calculate what to send. For V-Pot 1 I use the global variable ga to to store the last known value. For V-Pot 2 I use the global variable gb. The rules in each translator do the calculations and send the correct values. Then they again capture the last known absolute value for the next iteration. If your knobs have hard stops at the ends (0 and 127), I send a higher value to make sure we cover the entire range needed. This value could be a little subjective so I pick a value of 5 or 69 to send if we are at the high end (higher than 124 absolute) or low end (value of less than 4).

Here are the rules for VPOT-1. The rules for VPOT 2 are the same but using the global variable gb instead of ga.

// mackie pan pots are cc 16-23
// right turn relative 0-n (usually under 5)
// left turn relative 0x40-0x4n (n usually under 5)

//Turning right
if qq>ga then tt=qq-ga
//Turning left
if qq<ga then tt=ga-qq
// Set sign bit
if qq<ga then tt=tt|64
// for comaparison on next iteration
//give extra for the end areas
if qq>124 then tt=5
if qq<4 then tt=5|64

If you want to create more, you will need to use different global variables. So you would duplicate a translator, change incoming trigger and outgoing action (CC number) and then change the global variable used. I would suggest you continue with current pattern(gc,gd,ge,gg,gh, and gi).

The variable qq and tt are local variables and do not need to be touched. You can read about variables in the User Guide by going to the Bome MIDI Translator help menu or pressing F1. A PDF document of the user guide will open up.

Here is the updated project file. I leave it to you to do the rest.

Loupedeck-to-FairlightExample.bmtp (2.8 KB)

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Thanks for the update and really appreciate your patience and all the help, I’ll dig around!