Help with controlling lights in rekordbox

Good afternoon,
I’m trying to use midi-translator to control the deck selection for lighting on a Pioneer XDJ-XZ, using the cross fader.

The midi translations are working in the log window, but aren’t passing through to Rekordbox.

Why are the emulated keystrokes not being detected by Rekordbox?

Help me please.

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In order for keystrokes to be recognized, the application you are sending the keystrokes to should have active focus. Not all applications support emulated keystrokes however. Try sending your keystrokes to an editor first to see if they work there and if they do, perhaps Rekordbox does not support them. In your case since you are sending control characters, maybe switch them to printable characters when sending to a text editor.

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This method is recommended by Pioneer to manually control the light deck selection from the XZ controller, but the only give the instructions for a Mac, and simple say “follow the above instructions using midikey2key for PC”. I don’t like midikey2key though.

Forgive my ignorance, but what would be a good example of a printable character, and what editor should I try?

Thank you greatly for your help

Well since you mentioned PC, probably Windows Notepad


ABCabc - Any text character

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Thank you sir.

It’s working in notepad.

Any idea on how to make Rekordbox the active window?

I’m feeling optimistic on the progress so far.

If I manually use the keystrokes in RB it’s working, so the last hurdle is getting the translator to talk to RB.

Click within the RekordBox application to make it the active window.