Help with simple bits of looping

I have a pacer pedal and a copy of ableton lite. i would love to create a basic looper and learn how to do some programming. Does anyone have scripts and a tutorial to get me going. I want to get incrementally better at programming.

I tried a tutorial that gave 8 channels of loop and was meant to cut and paste to a new line. could not get it to work/.

any help scripts etc would be fantastic. if anyone can point me to a basic site on looping too I would be obliged.

Paul; gD

Well the Pacer is programable so it would be helpful if you would provide the MIDI message you want to use with the Pacer to start and stop the looper.

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Thanks for getting back so quick. I have watched all your videos and think they are great. I guess I am looking for inspiration. What can I do and how do I go about it. Bome is fantastic, I would love to hear from others how they have managed their workflow, or any scripts that might be useful getting me started.

Many thanks again

Yeah OK,
I usually use my pacer to.

  1. Control Voicemeeter Banana
  2. Turn my desktop ICONs on and off
  3. Hide and show various Windows (Virtual desktop switching)
  4. Control video switching (which screen I show) in OBS

I seldom reprogram it and use mostly the factory setting and then use Bome MIDI Translator Pro instead to map the pedals to what i want them to do. I find it easier to do this than reprogram the Pacer with a tap dance.

Hopefully others will provide more inspiration.


Thanks Steve, Is there a place to go to look at scripts. I have a disability and would love to make my windows environment a bit better, so your examples with icon on and off and hide show various windows sound perfect.

I will start with getting the basics of ableton mapped unless you have a script for that!

Paul gD

Here is the project file, but it has some helper applications and various controllers included. It is kind of a hodge podge that I’ve created over time, so generally when I don’t want to do something, I simply enable or disable various presets or translators.

It is called Logidy desktop switch because that is the controller I started with but I now have that disabled because I use that controller for something else now.

There are examples of APC40, APC MINI Pacer, Mackie Generic MCU, Voicemeeter API helper (which is a MID enabled program that I wrote to use with the Voicemeeter API) FCB-1010 with Eureka Prom, Launch Control

I have some applications written with MT Pro that are mostly controller emulators that I sell and are much more organized.

Most of what is in this forum is just examples based on user questions.

Logidy-Desktop Switch.bmtp (78.3 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: