Hexadecimal values in sysex -- how to convert to decimal for sending CC?

Hi, bit of a newbie… I have a controller that sends sysex raw MIDI.

no problem identifying the changing value for a rotary encoder, then assigning a variable, passing out that variable as CC value on a given CC#

What I’m wondering is how on earth do I convert the hex value to a decimal value via formula or expression?

Presumably this has been figured out at some point?


Within rules you can use the notation 0x10 (for hexadecimal), instead of the notation 16 (for decimal). Bome MIDI Translator will automatically do the conversion. The formulas work correctly right away, however after saving and re-opening a project file, the value you entered will show in decimal. I often put the hex value also in comments so later when I go back to it, I can remember the value.

For instance.

// 0x10

Will send the value of ga to 16

Later it will show as

// 0x10

Windows has a programmers calculator if you want to use it as well. Just use the 3 bars menu to change it to programmer mode.

There are also lots of calculators/converters on the web. I kind of like this extension from the chrome web store (if I’m not on my PC).

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