How can i do all of this with bome?

Can you explain what knobs, buttons you want to use do do this?
I assume you want to use a knob or encoder to select the instrument with the browser and maybe another knob to drag it and place it but not quite sure what you have in mind.

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Yeah sure, i would like to use in xone k2. in this vid he use it in xone k2 too. What I’m wondering is How can he select a track only for deck B and then he can move the browser right away without sticking to the track deck B. or is this abt to set a mouse position ?

Yes, Bome MIDI Translator Pro (MT Pro) supports outgoing keystrokes, mouse movement and clicks. I’m not sure how he is doing it. The trick with mouse movements is that since MT Pro does not get feedback as to where various controls are, they have to be initially calculated and put into global variables in MT Pro and then it important to never move the application window on the screen so that the mouse is selecting the right place.

You might want to look at this post and possibly others to get the idea. Just search on ‘drag’ within the forum.

If you have a specific, knob, encoder, slider, or button that you want to use on your Xone-K2 to perform a specific function, please let me know which control you want to use and the desired action you want.

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Yes i’m not gonna move the ableton window when i use bome to control xone k2 to djing.
now i did my preset using from this post that you’ve made.

And here is my preset
Mouse try.bmtp (3.6 KB)
in this preset, a knob right under the xone is mouse vertical up and down with both click u/d (i want to select a browser with mouse. the problem is when mouse reach the below or top border i can’t reach the bottom or top of the screen.)
a M note at bottom left corner is left mouse botton up and mouse position to deck A
and next to the M note is left mouse botton down.
i want note i to delete all track in deck A and J to delete all deck B.
i wonder When I select file from the browser, the mouse curser would be stuck at the top of deck A ( first row in ableton track). Is it possible for the curser to move back into the browser after I loaded a file? If so how.
i think i might not need a horizontal mouse movement cause i think mouse position things is fine to drag and drop to deck.
ps. i have no idea what’s in init preset in this file do (project open, global timer and esc init).


Although I cannot provide a full solution as free support, this should get you started.

First, since my K2 is on a different MIDI channel than yours, I set the global variable to the desired MIDI channel for all controls (global variable ‘ge’). This is done in the ‘Init’ Preset translator 0.2

Since Ableton Live seems to like keystrokes for browsing instead of mouse movement, I disabled the mouse knobs and instead made them arrow keys.
Your left knob (CC 20) should be up and down arrow and right knob (CC 21) left and right arrow. See Translators 1-20 through 1-23.
Translator 1.19 makes sure your application focus is on Ableton live before sending these keystrokes. I restrict the trigger for only those two knobs.

There are a few sequences that occur and I use timers to control them. This way a single MIDI message can trigger the event and the timer takes over from there. I do this so that you can change the trigger event in only one translator and then I can put delays on each timer output action.

I’m sure this is not exactly how you like but it should give you an idea.
The process from here after looking at my example is to figure out how you would do things with keyboard and mouse within Ableton Live and the use translators to emulate those actions with Bome MIDI Translator.

I’m not an Ableton Live expert so, you will really need to experiment and adjust translators as needed. I hope this helps get you started.

Xone2-Ableton-2023-05-18.bmtp (7.1 KB)

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Oh and I have my K2 set for latching layers so if you don’t have that then the CC and note numbers may be different than your controller. I tested on the Red Layer.