How Can i Exclude Networks IP Address?

Hi, i want to use my Bome Box as a Ethernet Master and still using my WIFI.
I have followed the instruction that i found in a similar post, but i can’t follow passage number 4 because i can’t find that menu.

I’m on firmware version 1.5.4

I have followed these steps

  1. Clean all network MIDI connections: click Disconnect in Bome Network and for all, and the same on the Network MIDI web config page.
  2. BomeBox WiFi: client to your WiFi router
  3. BomeBox Ethernet: direct cable connection to Mac.
  • Preferred way is to configure as “Ethernet Master”. To circumvent the IP address conflict with your WiFi router, use Advanced Config to set IP to (as shown above).

But i can’t find this menu tab
4. Bome Network on Mac, version 1.4.2 beta (or later): go to Settings → Network Settings → Excluded Networks. Click the + button and select This is your WiFi network.

Thank You For Anybody Help

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Please click here for an animated gif file on where it is located.

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Thank You Very Much Steve