How can I use 2 AKAI APC Minis with BOME Midi Translator classic/MA dot2

I am using an Akai APC mini for over a year now to control my lightsystem with MA dot2 and it works great.


I found this thread where someone asked if its possible to use two of them in combination. The answer was yes and I bought a second one.


But now I am kind of overwhelmed because I don't quite understand the instruction. Until this point I never did any kind of Midi configuration. I just used presets and stuff like that. If someone ever used two AKAI APC minis for MA dot2OnPC or similar, it would be awesome if you could help me.

Maybe someone has the time to describe what to do (for beginners ^^)


Thanks in advance!

Hi, since I posted th original post, I found that unlike GrandMA2 dot2OnPC only allows for one MIDI channel, so although you can use 2 APC MINI's for on dot2, you will be restricted to 128 notes 0-127 because dot2 does not recognize multiple MIDI channels like GMA2 does.

Since each APC MINI has 90 controls (64 rectancular buttons, 16 round buttons, 1 square button and 9 faders), we have total of 180 controls for 2 APC MINIs, so you have 52 additional controls that you won't be able to use.

Since dot2 does not allow for multiple MIDI channels, the strategy will need to be changed by changing the note numbers on the second APC MINI.  For faders, of course, we need to convert to notes.  If you can tell me which controls you want to use on both devices (up to 128 total), I can post something to start with.

For backward compatibility, I recommend you keep your first APC MINI mapped as is and then only use an additional 38 controls on your second device 90+38 = 128. The easiest mapping for the second device would be the recangular buttons on the grid.


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Actually since MT Classic does not recognize multiple MIDI devices, you will need to do it with MT Pro.

I am trying 2 APC Mini’s with D-Pro this week.

Yes, I don’t know if D-Pro accepts from multiple channels but if it does, you should be OK.

Ok so even if I am using MT Pro or D-Pro,

dot2 does not accept more than 128 Midi signals? That's sad okay.. Than I will probably just sell my second Apc mini. Its obviously not worth it to use it for only 30 buttons.

Maybe I'll find a similar midi controller with less buttons


Thank you!

dot2 only takes 128. Grand MA can take many more (2048). I don’t know about D-Pro

Seems to show the BMT and APC inputs as selectable choices, Only one output though. However Dpro has multiple pages on its show control.

We can route both APC MINIs into Bome MIDI Translator Pro and then either send them to a single output on separate channels to D-Pro or if D-Pro accepts it, just map each to separate ports to D-Pro. The value of MT Pro would then be just that of controlling LED feedback since it doesn’t look like D-Pro will handle this.