How Configure Midi Translator Pro To Recognize CC#4 Hi Hat Pedal Notes In Reason 10.4

I am having problems with Reason 10.4 recognizing hi hat closed sounds with Superior Drummer 3 as a VST. If I used the hi hat with Superior Drummer 3 as a standalone it works perfectly fine where I can hear the open and close sounds of the hi hat. It is only with Reason 10.4 as a host that it doesn’t work. From what I discovered is that Reason is not reading the hi hat pedal as a CC#4 note. Instead it doesn’t recognize it at all.

Is there any way that Midi Translator can override this problem or if it is possible to have Reason talk to the VST Superior Drummer to interpret the close and open sounds from the hi hat using the pedal and to register the notes as CC#4 ? I have looked at some tutorial but it didn’t work. The ones that I looked at was the following two:

Tried to use the two videos to fix the problem but to no avail. Right now I am lost. By the way the hi hat works fine in Ableton Live as a host with Superior Drummer as a VST.

Hi Hiram,

I’m not a Reason expert but It is possible that Reason does not recognize CC4 and instead you could use a currently unused MIDI note. Most drum kits use MIDI notes for all drum sounds, kick, high hat, snare, bass, etc.

For CC to note conversion, see this tutorial.

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