How control led buttons on Icon Platform M+

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I’m configuring the Platform M+, someone knows where can I find the colors midi note/velocity table, I need to control the button led on/off and hopeful to chose the color feedback.

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I don’t think you can control the colors of Platform M+ since it emulates a Mackie MCU controller.

Typically sending a note-on with a value of 0 will turn the LED off.
Sending a note-on with a value of 1 will make the LED blink.
Sending a note-on value with a value of 127 (0x7f) will turn the LED on.

The quickest way to find the note number is to use MT Pro to monitor the input which would look something like this for Mute MIDI CH 1

90 10 7F
90 10 00

The first message is note-on note 16 (0x10) value 127 (0x7F)
That will occur when you press the button
The second message is note-off note 16 (0x10) value 0
That will occur when you release the button.

The English version of the manual can be found here on the iCon web site.

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Thanks Steve

Trying, failing and retrying I noticed:
-note on messages act the control (mute,rec,solo)
-raw messages light led
So far it’s ok, the issue is that if i send note on (90 10 7F, or >01 velocity / 80 10 00) led on, if note off (90 10 00 / 80 10 127) led doesn’t off.
There may be a global variable to lock?

An other little question: why in capture midi window doesn’t appear a command if it was used in other translator? e.g. trying to capture midi of mute button, having used note on in an other translator, in capture midi appears only note off.


Well according to the MIDI standard, Note-off can be either 80 nn vv or 90 nn 00,

Where nn = note number and vv=value.

The MCU protocol however requires it in the form of 90 nn 00.

So you can either

use Raw MIDI 90 nn 00
In rules do this


Then for output use Note-On MIDI Ch 1 note nn value qq

MT Pro will not allow note on with value of 0 (since it is a note off) so you have to do this to trick it. And MCU protocol does note allow 80 nn vv

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Sorry missed this question. The capture window should show all incoming MIDI but to move it to the translator, you will need to click on the desired message. All incoming messages should show in the capture window. With that said, perhaps if you have checked "stop processing in a capture window in a previous translator, pehaps it does not. I will need to look into this to see if that is the case, but I think not.

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Also available for paid consulting services:

Thanks Steve

Hi Steve,
Thanks to your info I can light on led buttons with raw messages note/on (90 10 7F), but I can’t light off with raw messages note/off (90 10 00), it doesn’t work.
Reading in the forum I understood the platform M+ works in MCP protocol (not MCU), could be this the reason?

Since it didn’t work, I tried to configuring it in HUI mode but I noticed it was difficult. :upside_down_face:

It should work.check midi out to be sure of the correct message to the correct device