How do I set up the Bome Midi Translator?

Hi. Can you perhaps give me the steps on how to set up the Bome Midi Translator on a new pc please? I did set it up on my pc with your help and guidance and it worked. But that was some time back and now I need to set it up on a friends pc and somehow it does not work 100% like on my pc. If you can guide me with the steps please then it will be much appreciated.
He is using Studio One 3 and it did show that it picked up the BMT on the “receive from” menu but now it just disappeared completely. Also, how do I delete the previous setup settings cause now every time I open up the BMT it still shows the old settings that I tried.

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Hi, I will need more information than this to understand what exactly are you trying to do. Perhaps a project file example with a description of your hardware and software and how you want to use them together, or perhaps some screen shots? Maybe even refer back to the original thread?

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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