How I keep things Straight

Thought I would share how I keep the MIDI signal paths straight in my WindSynth rig:

This really helps me keep things organized …

Yes, I run both Cantabile and Ableton in some rig setups. And yes, I could be saving some virtual ports for routes where I do not need translation by using Bome Network and Unlimited Unnamed Virtual Ports, but I have not hit the BMT limit of 9 Virtual Ports (yet).

Impressive! So for now it looks like you are holding Bome Network in reserve in case it is needed. I see AutoHotKey there too. How is that being used?

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Thanks Steve!

I use AHK to launch the key applications of my rig as well as bring them to the front and give them focus, when needed. This includes:

  • TotalMixFX: This lives in the System Tray. It appears to be a hidden window. This code is specialized for this case.

  • Bome MIDI Translator

  • Amazing Slow Downer (my software MP3 player of choice)

  • Cantabile

  • Ableton Live

I also make use of:

… >!m::Send β€˜#+{Left}’

… to move windows between my main and second monitors. This lets me easily run Cantabile alongside Ableton on the two screens without having to use the mouse. I try to avoid mouse actions as much as possible …

Great, I was just curious as I also use AutoHotKey extensively on my system. I actually purchased a Macro Keyboard so that I can capture F13-F24 which are not heavily used by most applications so I don’t have to worry much about duplicating existing shortcuts. I use AutoHotKey to convert these shortcuts to things like launch actions, hiding and showing various applications, etc.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:
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