How to Control RME Fireface with a MIDI Controller?

I would like to control a RME Fireface with an older daw. How to do it?


First, try the current version to make sure it will not work for you. It is possible that it may work and it is always good to stay on the latest version if you can.

If the latest version doesn’t work, then please use the bug report link to request the older version with details of your computer and DAW configuration and Bome Software will advise further via email. The link is available on this page.

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Hi, version 1.8.0 is the latest version of MT Pro supported on Windows XP:
(see the version history)

We’re working on access to older versions in your account, but for now I’ll send you a manual link to a full version 1.8.0.

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For any others that might want a solution to control RME Fireface variations; I am using Kore controller for Totalmix etc which is an excellent match. I am using the control/sound buttons to flick the Fireface settings and Totalmix window to front/back again but could be used for any window focus need.

  1. Install Autohotkey
  2. Place these scripts somewhere logical and amend the window name/exe if needed (for fface800)
  3. Create translators to execute these files from your control surface commands in MTP

Voila…I find them useful anyway…adapted from the RME forum…see credits in script.



Interesting as this primarily launches the program. However if the program is already launched, then launching it directly would not be necessary. You would just need to use WinActivate on the desired window name.

It toggles the action based on window.exists and uses the winactivate api to bring it forward if not.