how to create toggle mutes on Squarp with ableton push

how can i create a rule to allow for toggle of mute states of my squarp pyramid

The midi implementation reads:

CC1 to CC64: mute/unmute track

Toggle track mute/unmute (CC value = 0 = mute, CC value > 0 = unmute)


how can i program a pad to alternate between sending a CC value of zero and >0 alternatively? but always triggered by the same input?


is this rules?

can you also clarify what pp and the abbreviations in rules mean?



I showed someone this just a few weeks ago. See the thread below:

The attachment in the example I provided above example that I posted converts CC to Note for live and separate CC to note for LED feedback back to Push.


pp is  a local variable to store a value. Consider it a memory location.  All variables in MT Pro are two letter abbreviations. Please see the user manual global variable an local variables for more information. You can get to the user manual with pressing F1 or the help menu within Bome MIDI Translator.

The main differences between a global variable and a local one is:


Global variables values are 0 at project start. Local variable values are undefined.

Global variables are visible across all translators. Local variables are only visible for translators that have the same incomming action.

Global variables are persistent until you change them.  Local variables are unknown any time the translator runs with exception if you set it with the incoming value or a rule.

There are 10 global variables oo, pp, qq ,rr, ss, tt, uu,vv, ww ,xx  - Again they can be re-used with translators with other incoming actions and are considered different for each incoming action.

Global variables start with g-n or y-z. Their second character can be any letter in the alphabet or a number.

(examples ga h1 yy)

All variables are case insenitive (ie PP=pp)

Variables are used to store values and have various operators to perform arithmentic or logic calculations.


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sorry mate i dont understand that application.

i was more enquiring about how to create rules to govern the mute states.

can i create a Global variable that updates with each press? so starts on CC1=1 (unmuted) and I -1 on the first press which takes value sent to CC1=0 which is muted.

the updating lights are a bonus at this stage im just trying toget it to mute and unmute. i can send the message to mute it but not to unmute it again.

can global variables be dynamic like that? some times have a 0 value and other times have >0?

Yes, if I remember, Push pads send note-on when pressed and note-off when released.

You can convert Note to CC for use with Squarp

Incoming Note on Note 20 MIDI CH 1 any value from Ableton Push


// Toggle the global variable ga


Outgoing CC 1 MIDI CH1 value ga to Squarp Pyramid


Each translator will need rules with a different global variable for each mute channel

gb, gc, gd etc.

Ableton Push 2 Documentation

Squarp Pyramid Documentation

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

thank you mate this is exactly what i was after thats got it muting and unmuting!

can you tell me where i could learn what words and phrases are excepted in the rules box? like “toggle global variable” and the basic syntax and possibilities of that box?

Hi install Bome MIDI Translator Pro and then hit F1 key to get to the user manual. It is all in there. We also have many tutorials. Most are under 5 minutes;