How to deal with routing in Midi Translator Pro and BomeBox while developing

First I plug all my material in the BomeBox (xKey, WidiBud, 12step in usb and a midi accordion, and some synths in midi Din).

Second I open Bome Network, to have a midi connection between the BomeBox (and all my setup) and my computer.

Third, in Midi Translator pro :

  • I create alias for my equipment, for example xKey, WidiBud, and for BomeBox DIN. Thus they're automatically found when I open the bmtp file on the BomeBox
  • For those alias, I assign the route « My BomeBox - Net »

And now I can work on a bmtp file directly in Translator pro and test it.

My problems :

  1. it gets messy on the bomebox. Each time I toggle the wifi connection between the web and the bomebox, the routes get reset
  2. Because in Midi Translator I can just route « My BomeBox - net » with « My BomeBox - net », it's very confusing for me (and for my scripts). If I create a default midi thru between the 2 it doesn't make sens at all !!, So I created a preset by channel that allows note On, note Off and control change to communicate through the Bomebox, except for the channel I have a script on (and tho an already existing routing).

I'm lost ! I think I should set the routes in Presets in the bmtp files, in order to have the same results when I'm developping the files in Midi Translator or when they are in the BomeBox, but it's not really clear how.


Thank you very much in advance for any advices to make the situation clearer !


Ok, this video helps me a lot :

The last point of confusion is that I understood in an another video (don’t rembember which one) that it was a good practice to give aliases the name of the equipment or the port, like this bomebox find it automatically (BomeBox DIN, xKey, ect …).

But maybe it’s more sure to do as in the video and to give commun aliases and assign them afterward in the BomeBox.


Well one thing you will need to know is there is only one connection between BomeBox and your computer, so if you want to route things from BomeBox to various places on your computer or visa versa, you will either need to do that by having each device on a different MIDI channel or by using special technique that I use which is to convert everything 1,2 and 3 byte MIDI message across the network route to a Sys Ex message adding source information unique to each device and then on the computer end reassembling the Sys Ex message back to it’s original message using MT Pro. It is not pretty but it works.

As far as losing routes. I just discovered that there is an obscure bug in BomeBox firmware that messes up MIDI routes. It only happens in certain conditions so I’m not sure if that is the problem but we can PM you later and provide a new version of the beta firmware.

Regarding MIDI to Sysex and back to MIDI let me dig around and see if I can find it for you.




Here are the project files I discussed in my earlier answer. One sites on one side of the Network connection (IE BomeBox), while the other sits on the other side such as your computer or even another BomeBox.

The send side takes MIDI and assembles it as Sys Ex encoding where it came from.

The receive side disassembles the Sys Ex message and extracts the routing information to determine where to route the message based on the source.



Thank you very much !
But it’s really too much for me, I would be really scare not to be able to understand anything after a few months !

As I said in an earlier comment, I understood better the workflow of routing with this video of yours :

I plug all my synths and controllers on my computer as if it was the bomebox, I make nice aliases in Midi Translator, and when i send the file to the bomebox, I plug everything on my bomebox and reassign the aliases just once.

It works fine for me like that !

OK, good. I’m glad you have it figured out and that the video helped you!
As a general rule, I do all of my development using MT Pro and then move the project to BomeBox to run (re-assigning any aliases if necessary).
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