how to debug MIDI translator from bomebox ?


is there a way to get the result of midi translator log from bomebox?

I can't get the midi events log neither in bomebox log, kernel log or system log...

It would be an interesting feature to debug a real life environment


Hi, thanks for your suggestion!

I've also thought of this as well but have found eventually no need for it since I do all of my development on a PC or Mac which is really the IDE.

Once in a while, I'll have to do a little degugging on the BomeBox though. I simply route one of my project aliases back out to the network port and then open MT Pro on my desktop and connect to the BomeBox on the network port two view that the output is OK. 


I would be an interesting feature though, but my priorities in improvements would be, rtpMIDI, OSC and (for better compatibility with other standards) and maybe MIDI 2.0 (looking forward).


I'm sure Bome Software is keeping this under consideration as well, though. 


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist