How to do a light tracking/displacement? - Chess on Launchpad

Heyya, just goota a small question:

Ima editing to play chess with my Launchpad, and wanted to put some leds where a piece is. So, when you press a key, then an another one, the first light turn off, but the second key turns on with the same light. It is possible to do ?

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This can be done, but I think there is going to a complex project.
I assume you will want to track different chess pieces by color and by player.
This will leave you with a total of 12 colors
8 pawns - White Player
8 pawns - Black Player
2 Rooks - White
2 Rooks - Black
2 Knights - White
2 Knights - Black
2 Bishops - White
2 Bishops - Black
1 King - White
1 King - Black
1 Queen - White
1 Queen - Black

So 12 colors total - 6 colors each player

Then you will need to track the position of each player on the 64 note grid

To move a player from one location to the other you.
Push the current location - Capture the color into a global variable and then send a note off on that grid location.
Push the new location - Send captured color to the new grid (note location)

The note number is where to send the color and the color is the chess piece color (velocity) you have defined or probably 0 for no piece in that location.

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Hey, first, thx for answering :wink:

I havn’t beeing precise enough, but I meant just putting/moving lights. I’m using the launchpad as a controller. So of course it’ll make it easier :wink:

Well since the launchpad will not tell you the current LED’s color for capture, you are going to have to track all of the colors for all 64 pads in global variables with Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

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