How to get rid of interfaces that aren't there

Every time I open BOME Midi translator Pro it asks me to reassign interfaces that are no longer there (removed from audio-midi on mac). I do that and specify don’t ask again but it always asks again and the interfaces show up Ian italics in teh in and out windows. I control click and delete them and then save but the next time everything happens again.

This is on both my new M1 MacBook Pro and my 2018 MacBook pro both running Monterey.

Thanks for any advice.


Hi and welcome to the community!

It should work if you click “don’t ask again” unless there is another new alias in your project file that you didn’t check don’t ask again.

Usually I get this when I have another user’s project file that has aliases that I have not checked “Don’t ask again” or of the port names change.

Of course I also get this if I remove all of my aliases and the I open a new project file with some aliases defined. In that case, I have to click “don’t ask again” another time until Bome Knows you don’t want it. Removing the aliases makes MT Pro forget about “Don’t ask again”

Occasionally I get this message if there is an error on one of the other currently attached ports. Maybe if you can walk through step by step, I can advise if this could be a newly undiscovered bug.

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Thanks Steve. I have two registered copies of the latest BMT Pro. One on an M1 and the other a 2018 MacBook Pro. I had a scarlett attached and then changed to a MOTU midi express. AT one point I tried midi through the network but decided against it and turned that off. The scarlett and network ports in italics still show up and ask for substitutions. I say "none and don’t ask again’. I used to change them but it didn’t hold. I will look for aliases and get back to you. Thanks.

I usually use aliases in all of my projects since controllers and ports move around a lot. That way if stuff is not attached my project is not hard coded to the physical device names. If the physical device is not there then I’m prompted to redefine my alias.

For instance I use “My Controller” which could be almost any attached device.
If my physical device is APC-40MK2 (connected to PC) I assign it My Controller
to that physical device. If I move my APC-40MK2 to my BomeBox , it will show up on Windows as “BomeBox2:APC-40MK2” and I assign “My Controller” alias to point to “BomeBox:APC40MK2”.

Some devices interfaces provide generic names like mioIN. If I hook my FCB1010 to that I can create a device alias “MyFCB”. If I later plug it into my midiHUB, it may show up as MIDIHUB0. I can then re-assign “MyFCB” to point t MIDIHUB0. As long as I have something connected to an assigned alias. I’m good to go, otherwise I get prompted to re-assign it.

I hope this helps!