How to keep only last MIDI input from fader?


How do I only keep the last value from a change of a fader?

That is, whenever I pull the fader it will generate a series of MIDI values, but this will mess up things for other connected applications if the series is passed on. Hence, I want to only send the end value, defined as the current value after eg 5 secs. That is the assumption is that as soon as I begin to pull the fader a timer starts and after the given time it will send the current value to an output channel. Sounds rather straightforward, but cannot figure out how to achieve this.

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The following example should help. In this example I used CC16 on MIDI CH 1.

The first translator takes the input CC and captures the value in the global variable ga.

The second translator takes the same incoming CC and sets a one-shot timer for 1 second. As long as you are turning the encoder, the timer will never trip. It trips after 1 second of not doing anything.

The third translator triggers when the timer is tripped and send the CC with it’s value.

For testing, I have my aliases as follows. You will have to re-assign them to the MIDI ports that you use.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Delay-CC-Send.bmtp (1.4 KB)

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