How to make CC send like Song Start command.

Hi all,

I hit a snag in my looping setup. Wonder how I can set this up in bome.

Exactly what I am trying to do is..

Step 1:On first press of any CC higher than CC7 Bome sends CC1 on channel 1 ...

After that Bome waits to see CC7 and then “step 1” action repeats.

this may seem like a ridiculous thing to need but it’s essentially making CC1 act like a “song start” command and CC7 is the “song stop” command. I am using these to start and stop the clip launcher in bitwig.

so CC1 acts like “song start”

CC7 acts like “song stop”

CC8 and above carry CC1 (“song start”) when triggered the first time after CC7 (song stop)

Since you say on first "press" of any CC, I assume you are using buttons and the CC values sent are either 0 (not pressed) or 127 (pressed). In either case, the example below will work with any incoming values.

On project opened all global variables are 0

In the first translator I look at the value of ga and if it is 0 then nothing above CC7 has occured, so I send CC1.

Then I set ga to 1 so that it doesn't fire again until the second translator kicks in.

On the second translator, if ga=0 I skip it since we are still waiting for something above CC7. Otherwise, we set ga back to a 0 allowing the first translator to monitor the incoming event.

In effect, translator 1 sends CC 1 on first occurrance of higher than CC7 and translator 2 then monitors for CC1 and resets the first translator.


I hope this helps!


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
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Hi Steve,

Hmm Watching the midi monitor I don’t seem to be getting anything at all when pressing any CC 8 or higher. Neither the CC pressed or CC1 carries to the midi out.

yes I am using buttons... Nektar Pacer sending values of 127 and 0 which are used in a mute/unmute scenario.


i set the project midi in (my controller to pacer 1) and midi out ( my app to bmt 1 )


what am I doing wrong.


thanks again


Are you sure you are sending CC and not notes? Please check every box in your log window and post a copy.

here is a screenshot. I am pressing cc8-9-10 value 127 but no CC1 is carried. Even after the CC7 press still nothing.

*just updated with all boxes ticked sorry.


OK, if you look at the rules in translator 0, if the CC# is less than 8 which means nothing happens. Once you get a CC# on MIDI channel 1 greater than 7 then it should output something.

I don't see any incoming CC 1 on MIDI Channel 1.

You have a lot of CCs on MIDI Channel 4 but I imagine you want to ignore those.

B0 xx xx is CC on MIDI CH1

B3 xx xx is CC on MIDI CH4


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Hi Steve, ok that helped, I was sending messages on the wrong channel sorry..

I am getting the first CC1 to send but am not seeing the CC1 after CC7 is pressed.... here is a screenshot.


Thanks again


In the screenshot, I don't see that you are sending a CC1

It should show MIDI IN: B0 01 7F when pressed and MIDI IN: B0 01 00 when released


I figured it out now. Gonna test fully in a bit but CC1 was set as the reset CC instead of CC7. I probably jumbled it up somewhere when trying to put this into words.

Looking like it’s working now by just changing the rule to trigger by CC7

I’ll test a bit more and mark as resolved.

Well glad you got it working!

As it stands right now changing the rule to CC7 got me the behavior that I was looking for. It’s working great but I did hit a snag.

Is there any way to Create a stipulation of sorts so that if CC1 through CC6 is sent from pacer, Bome will not generate the CC1 that tags along with CC8or higher until it sees CC7 again.

this should make it work perfectly. Sorry again for making it more confusing.