How to make my motorized faders work in Tracktion Waveform?

I am using a Cm Labs Motor Mix and I want to Use it in Tracktion Waveform. But it was made for Pro Tools.

I would like to covert it to Mackie Universal Controller protocol.


If your controller uses Mackie Control for Motorized faders, you will need to convert CC messages to Pitch Bend.

For example if Traktion sends CC22 on MIDI CH1 for Fader 0 (Track 1) the translator would like this

Incoming :CC 22 on MIDI CH 1 set value to pp

// Shift value to (Most significant byte) MSB


//Then OR the value with (Least Significant Byte) LSB


Outgoing: Pitch bend on MIDI CH1 value qq

The way Mackie for the faders is that Each fader is on a different channel

Fader 1 – MIDI CH 1

Fader8 – MIDI CH 8

Master fader – MIDI CH 9

Also on Mackie devices with Motorized faders, you will generally have to feedback the Pitch Bend message back to Controller, otherwise it is likely to zero out. So just make sure the outgoing MIDI message from the controller is sent back to itself. I would recommend using translators for this as well.

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So do I should use (// Shift value to (Most significant byte) MSB


So do I should use (// Shift value to (Most significant byte) MSB

qq=pp. Also do I need to ping, and if so how do I do it.

Well in this case, the CC will send only one 7 bit byte as a value (0-127), Pitch bend requires 14 bit values, so I just use the same 7 bit value to populate 14 bits of data

Input – 127 0x7f
Output – MSB=127 and LSB=127 total value is 16383

I usually use raw data output instead of pitch bend as it is easier for me

Example :

Input B0 01 7F – CC1 on MIDI Ch1 value 127
Output E0 7F 7F – Pitch bend on MIDI Ch1 value 16383

Pitch bend on MID CH1 = E0

Mackie MCU does not require PING. However now that I’m thinking about this maybe Pro-tools only uses Mackie HUI which is quite different. If you are using Mackie HUI, let me know and I can assist there as well.

I just checked and it looks like Motor MIX is Mackie HUI not Mackie MCU. I also found a developers guide that should help you. It shows all of the MIDI messages it recognizes and what they do.

Hi you will need to set up a 1 second interval repeating timer that send HUI ping to your controller

Raw: 90 00 00


To move faders remotely you will need to send the following:

B0 0z MSB

B0 2z LSB

Where z is the fader 0-7 and MSB LSB is the value of your incoming CC from your DAW

So to move fader 0 using CC 22 on MIDI CH1 it would look like this

Incoming CC22 on MIDI CH1 set value to pp

Ougtoing Raw MIDI : B0 00 pp B0 20 pp


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Yes it is Mackie HUI. I got the faders working on the first 8 tracks but I can’t seam to get the faders to corispond

to the Fader moves I make in the DAW. so in other words it is not talking back to the controller from the DAW.

What are the MIDI commands each fader sends within the DAW?
Do you have a project file that tries to translate these to fader movements for your controller? Can you show me the log file and perhaps post the project file you are trying.

I have neither your controller or the DAW you have so I will have to rely on pretty much what you tell me and your log files.

So from what I can tell, the only way to define what your DAW sends is to set it up with MIDI learn.

You will need to send uniq CC values for every DAW channel you want to use to control.
You may need to do this by just setting up MT to manually send info (for purpose of MIDI learn) for every channel you want to control.
Then you may need to use Bank Up and Bank Down buttons from your controller to signal MT that you have moved to a different DAW channel (beyond the initial 8).
So for instance you send fader 1 say it normally send CC 0 to your DAW. In this example, say you use ga=0 as the CC number.
You send a bank up message from your controller and increment ga by 8 (ga=ga+8).
Next time use use fader one, you output CC8 instead of CC1

Make sense?

Here is a copy of my project. I got 8 faders sending to the DAW but it in not responding to moves made in the DAW.

I am trying to get all my key features to work light, bank up and down the tracks, panning, solo, mute and select track. Control a selected plugin.



OK you have each incoming fader with 2 CC values. With this I’m assuming your controller is sending both of these values? Translators 1,3,5,7,9,11,13 and 15 don’t make sense a they send random notes using local variables pp which are undefined. Could you uncheck these translators and then see if you faders still move when sending from your controller.

To get the faders to move on your controller when sending back from the DAW, we will need to do reverse translator (under a different preset) from Mackie to CC. But lets make sure we have the faders working with the translators I suggested disabled first.

For output on translators 2,4,6,8,10,12,14, and 16, change the output to E0 pp pp, E1 pp pp etc. Instead of E0 pp qq and E1 pp qq etc.

Once you have tried that and verified it working. repost your project file and then I will help you set up the return path from the DAW to move your faders when you move them on the DAW.