How to print captured note-on value?

I would like to be able to play my midi keyboard and have Bome MT insert the text with the note value embedded. For example, in TextMate be able to insert “note: 24” when I press whatever key corresponds to midi number 24 on my keyboard.

For Incoming, I have it save the note value to “pp”

For Outgoing, I have Key Stroke, then text with “note %pp%”.

Each time I strike a piano key, I get the text inserted into TextMate, except there is no substitution for the variable pp just the literal %pp%.


Thanks so much!!

Yes, this might seem like it would work but in reality when you send keystrokes, you are actually sending a series of separate keystrokes for a given number.

It the below example, we set the value of then incoming note and place it in the global variable ga. We do this in translator 0.0. We then use translator 1.1 to translate the value of the number into ga, into the hundreds column, tens column and ones column.

We set a timer to output the value in keystrokes one at a time in the preset “Num to Key”. Essentially we need to send 3 separate keystrokes for each column to output the final number number. I use 4 keystrokes since we pre-pend it with a "Return Note:"text. We also send spaces instead of digits in the hundreds and ten columns if to avoid leading zeros if the number is smaller than 100 or 10.

To test, open an editor and make it the active application and press the keys on your keyboard “My Controller”.

Note-to-Note-Number-Keystrokes.bmtp (3.5 KB)

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That’s brilliant thank you!

It will be very educational to study the code as well!!

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