How to prototype complex projects with BomeBox and MT Pro? (USB MIDI hub attached)

Hi there, I’ve been having a great time with both the BomeBox and MT Pro so far.

As I’d like to use the BomeBox as a MIDI centerpiece for my electronic music live setup I extended the overall number of MIDI ins and outs by purchasing this hub here ( which is connceted to the BomeBox via USB.

To this hub there’s a MIDI controller connected (Icon Platform X+) via USB which is also getting recognized correctly. To one of the DIN ouputs there’s an Elektron Octatrack connected. When setting up the routing inside the browser configuration everything works flawlessly.

However, those additional MIDI ports (neither DIN or USB) are not available when working inside MT Pro. The BomeBox is connected wirelessly over WiFi via Bome Network. The BomeBox itself is recognized by MT Pro only as a single in/out port called “BomeBox”.

I don’t really know how I should prototype a more complex project using the current workflow. In the browser configuration I’m only able to set up routing but there’s now way to integrate rules. The only way would be to build a working MT Pro project file which is then getting uploaded to the BomeBox. But how should I built such a project file without having the respective ports available?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for reading up!

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Hi, to view all of the additional ports on your computer (including MT Pro), you will need to enable Remote Direct MIDI. To do this

  1. Open your Bome Network Tool on your computer and click on the BomeBox you want to use (Not the Web Icon)

2)Any MIDI Devices connected to you BomeBox will show up here.

  1. Click on the device switches that you want to see on your computer. They will turn green if on. If a device is ‘remembered’ by the BomeBox but not connected, they will show as red.

In my example since my BomeBox name is ‘BomeBoxB’ The will show as ‘BomeBoxB:BomeBox DIN’ and ‘BomeBoxB X-touch One’


I’m not familiar with your hub but it is important that if there is software to configure it, that routing is set up so that it shows on you hub’s MIDI device jack (the jack that is going into your BomeBox host jack.

I recommend that in Bome MIDI Translator, you set up your devices with aliases. That way when you develop your project on your computer and later move it to BomeBox, you can simply re-assign aliases based on how the physical port names show on that device. It makes things much more portable.

You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Note that if you want to run the project on BomeBox, you will need the full paid version of Bome MIDI Translator Pro as projects made with the trial version will not work on a Bomebox.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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