How to receive MIDI from Ableton within Bome MT?


I want to use Ableton as a Midi sequencer to control a real-time visualization app on the same computer (MacPro M1). How can I make Bome MT pro receive and read any MIDI notes Ableton is sending?

In the Ableton Preferences I activated a Midi Out port for Bome Midi Translator 1. I also created a Midi channel that sends Midi signals to “Bome Midi Translator 1” via Midi Channel 1 and assume that everything is setup correctly within Ableton for sending MIDI to Bome MT.

However, I’m not sure how to correctly setup Bome MT for receiving the MIDI data Ableton is sending.

Any advice would be helpful.


Yes, you would set track output of a given track that you want to BMT1 and then monitor Bome MIDI Translator Virtual 1 Port for input. You could then send the data received in MT Pro and using the MIDI router within MT Pro direct it to another application of physical MIDI device. If sending to a different application, you would use maybe BMT2 as the outgoing virtual port and your application use the same as the incoming port.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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