How to reduce Sysex Data?

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is it possible to use a rule that somehow reduces your incoming CC or Sysex with data
by only using every 2nd Data (like odd/even) or every 5th data (something like every variable pp is dividable by 5) or so…
Hope i did explain correctly what i mean…
The idea is to reduce the Sysex that i sent to my Yamaha SY77 (because it isnt that fast in handling so much data)
Setup is: Novation Zero → Midi CC-> Bome → Sysex → SY77

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The below example should help.

For CC 23, the first translator uses the Mod (%) operator to determine if the incoming value is multiple of 5. If it is, then it sends the same message out via the translator.

SysEX is a bit trickier as you will need several translators with SysEX patterns each with the length of SysEX messages you want to block.

The second translator will block the SysEX message by using an output of NONE but all but every 5th iteration (when ga==0) it will allow the message pass the MIDI router thru path. You will need to create a similar translator for each length of SysEX message you have coming in. I added one for a 14 byte SysEX as well.

Here are how I had my aliases set up for testing.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

And my my MIDI router:


allow-every-5.bmtp (1.7 KB)

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Hey Steve

thanks again for your comprehensive help. Still in the process of getting things sorted out right now
but I am sure this will work fine.

Cheers Michael

PS: My hate for math kept me from diving into REAL Midi until i was 50. So these math issues are still my biggest hazard. :smiley: