How to restore Bome settings?

I'm using Bome for a project since 2015. Everytime when I opened Bome it came up with the correct settings. Today all settings are suddenly gone! Also Bome, when opened, comes with questions like "Please select MIDI devices" and pop-up windows with question "do you want to ignore in future?". I have no idea what is going on. Could you tell me what could be wrong? Can I restore my previous settings?

If you have not exported a backup file within Bome settings (import/export), you will need to reassign and restore your settings first. I have also experienced this problem that I recently posted about here:


The best method to replace your settings would be to export your project file using the “export” option in settings. This will save an entire project and all of its settings into the ‘Bome’ subfolder on the system drive. It’s also a good idea to export your project file to another drive as a backup in case of hard drive failure.

Afterwards, it is important to make this exported file “read only” to prevent it from being overwritten. Once the file is exported (saved) and made read only, BMT will not start up with settings lost again.... However, if you wish to save your project or export any changes, you will need to temporarily deactivate \"read only\" to allow the file to be overwritten, otherwise you will receive an error in BMT

oh no! I have just responded to the other thread referenced by ibanman555 that there has not been any such report! Are you using version 1.8.1?
Otherwise, any info on the circumstances what you had done in between the last usage of MT Pro and this new run where it lost all the settings?
If you’re on Windows, could you check the Event Viewer for suspicious activity?