How to restore or maximize MT if I have minimized it

I seem not to be able to restore or maximize MT after minimizing it. I know how to do it with other programs that have icons on the taskbar. by hovering over the taskbar icon which brings up a thumbnail of the program GUI. Clicking on the GUI restores the window. How do I restore MT?


You may have set it to hide from the task bar. In this case you should be able to find it and restore it from the system menu tray. You would right click the Icon and then left click “Show”.


In the Settings in the startup section, you can change this behavior by unchecking the “Start Minimized” check box.


Halfway there… thanks. Clicking “show” does restore MT.

I don’t have the “Start Minimized” box checked, but that wasn’t my problem. MT starts with the window maximized. It’s just that I couldn’t figure out how to make it reappear if I manually minimized it. I was expecting merely to have to hover over the tray system tray icon, in which case a thumbnail of the running GUI would appear. That doesn’t seem to happen though. Should it?


It is possible the startup file (.bmts) somehow got corrupted.


For a Windows machine (which I think you have)

Go to file manager and put int the following:


This should put you in the following folder



Then go down one level to “Bome”

There you should find a file named MIDITranslatorPro.bmts

Open it in editor such as notepad (not with Bome MT Pro).

There should be an line that looks like this:


Chang it from Y to N and then restart MT Pro

If that doesn’t work, the same folder has a number of backup files in the same folder. You can copy any of these and paste as the default MIDITranslatorPro.bmts (after deleting or renaming the original), and you should be good to go.


Finally, if that doesn’t work, it may be a Windows issue, just restart Windows.

Good Luck



Did you ever get this working?

Hi Steve,

No, I haven’t resolved the issue. Unlike other programs, hovering over the taskbar icon for MT doesn’t show the thumbnail of the GUI if MT has been minimized. What sometimes (always?) happens if I just click on the MT taskbar icon is that a second MT is instantiated. I suppose this is because I do allow more than one instance of MT in the preferences since I need to run two instances. In the task manager, I see only one MT app running, but in background processes I see two MTs.

It’s true that I can get the GUI to display again by popping up the “Show Hidden Icons” window, right clicking on the MT icon, and chosing “show”. But that’s relatively awkward compared to just clicking on the thumbnail (which doesn’t appear for MT though).

Do you see a thumbnail of the GUI if you minimize MT and then hover over the MT taskbar icon?


Sorry, I forgot to say that I can’t find “Start Minimized” in the MIDITranslatorPro.bmts file.
Since I can’t attach it to a comment, I’ll do another “Answer” and attach the file. BTW, the formatting in Notepad doesn’t break up the file into separate lines, so, in order to find the line you mentioned, I had to put it into doc format. That’s the format of the file I’ll attach.

Here’s my bmts file


Hi Gabriel,

First of all, if you are running two instances of MT Pro concurrently, I recommend you copy the MT Pro executable file to another file with a different name for the second instance. That way, each instance will have it’s own .bmts file using the name of the executable as the basename. Once you do this, please post, both files in .bmts format. I will use my EditPlus editor to read and fix them and then post them back. EditPlus is really a much better editor than notepad and can handle this type of thing better. I bought it years ago and now almost never use Windows Notepad.

I’ve attach a few screenshots for the settings that may be causing the problem. You will find these screens in the View->Settings Menu


Maybe this helps someone:
I had the same Problem and all of the suggetions failed, so I took a look at the Registry :

windows: Start -> type: <regedit>

Navigate to something like (might be different on your machine) :
Computer\\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Bome Software\\Bome\'s Midi Translator Pro\\MidiTranslator\\Current

Search for Entries and enter Values:
Minimize to tray (set to 0)
StartMinimized (set to 0)

Maybe i changed more values - I cant remember but now its working again.

System: Windows 10 pro with latest updates 28.03.2020




Yes this should work too, but you should be able to do it in MT Pro or by simply deleting the existing bmts file will set things back to their defaults.