How to set output velocity to 0, if input velocity ist under 10?

I am using Bome’s Midi Translator Classic and want to know how to set the output velocity to 0, if input velocity ist under 10.
Is that possible with the software?
I want a Mackie MCU Pro to work with grandma2, but the Fader Velocity isnt working right, so if i move the faders down too fast, the velocity stays at around 3 or something.
Thanks for help!

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

It is possible but a bit more difficult with Bome MIDI Translator Classic because it doesn’t support rules.

In the following example I use preset 0 to do CC to note on CC0. The first 3 translators convert an incoming value of 0-2 to an outgoing value of 3 respectively. I have the ‘Stop Processing’ option set so that the translators further down will not execute.
The forth translator will take the value and just pass it through as a note if none of translators above it do not execute.

I also added a separate preset which I disabled if you would rather use MMC (MIDI Machine Control) to control faders.

In this case, you need to turn on MMC in GrandMA2. I recommend this procedure for controlling faders as to me it makes more sense and does not require a lot of additional mapping within GrandMA2. You decide which preset example works best for you.

Here is the format used:

F0 7F 70 02 7F 06 00 01 0F 1F F7

06 = Command - Set
00 = Fader 0 = Fader 1
01 = Page
0F = Fine Value
1F = Course Value

Fine and course are 14bit midi values.

You can find this information in the GrandMA2 manual here.

GMA-Classic-Fader.bmtp (716 Bytes)

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