How to use the Midi-OUT Signal of my USB-Midi-Device for software on the same PC?

Hello, i m a beginner with Bome Midi Translator and want to ask if something is possible to do with it. First i describe my Setup, then i come to the point of what i want to achieve:

I use 2 PCs.
One PC has Touch OSC on it (to be precise: OSC/Pilot, a touch-control software which sends Midi CC), and also runs OBS Studio (streaming software.).
The other PC runs Ableton.
Connection is via ESI MIDIMATE → its midi cable goes into my Babyface RME (which is used with Ableton).

To control Ableton via my Touch-control-software works fine, BUT: i also need TOUCH OSC to send Midi towards OBS studio plugins, and this doesn’t work, because OBS is on the same PC as Touch OSC is on.
It doesnt work to put two different midi outputs in my touch osc software (only EITHER ESI Midimate, OR Loopmidi, to route it to OBS).
Hope i ll manage to “grab” the ESI MIDIMATE midi output with Bome software and re-route it to OBS, either via Bome Translator directly, or via routing it to Loopmidi first, which then sends it to OBS.
Is this possible? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Yes, you should be able to do this with Bome MIDI Translator Pro. You will also need Bome Network Pro to access the port on your second computer.

In the attached project file, I have created 3 aliases and two MIDI routes.

Since I don’t have the same devices as you I’ve assigned them as follows. You will need to assign them to whichever MIDI ports show.

I’m assuming you are running Bome MIDI Translator Pro on your OBS PC and that your Ableton PC on a separate computer. I’m sending to my computer named “Steve-Gaming” (OBS PC) from a computer called “Steve-HP-Pavillion” (Ableton PC)

On the OBS PC I’m sending to OBS via a Bome MIDI Translator Virtual Port “Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual Out” which would likely be seen by OBS as “BMT 1”

I send to a network MIDI port which is called “Steve-Gaming” on my OBS PC and the port name on my Ableton PC would receive on the port called “Steve-HP-Pavillion”

The way the project is set up, there is not MIDI translation happening. However if you like you could add translators and target different ports for different MIDI messages.

Here is how my MIDI Aliases are assigned with Bome MIDI Translator Pro.


And the MIDI Routing in Bome MIDI Translator Pro.


Finally, I’ve attached the project file. Again you will need Bome Network Pro and at least the trial version of Bome MIDI Translator Pro (which times out every 20 minutes) to get this to work. I suppose if you have RTP MIDI on both of your PC’s you could use that as well but Bome Network Pro for me is so much easier to use as the computers discover each other automatically.

Dual-MIDI Out.bmtp (735 Bytes)

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Thanks alot for the quick answer, i think i ll be able to run it! very nice