How to visualise the value of a variable?

Hello - I am using BMT for some years now - very happy with its functionality.
I am now configuring BMT to work with a midi sound expander (V3Sound - PianoXXL) - basic functionality works well but as the expander is ‘OEM’ type there is no display on the unit - so I cannot see which Bank, Program I am selecting - this slows down the creation process.
I am looking for a way to ‘export and display’ the present value of the variables I use for the Bank and the Program. ( I do see them in the LOG window but this is not really useful during the musical creation process).
Any advise on this will be very welcome !

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Bome MIDI Translator Pro does not have such a display. There are several options.

  1. Find an external program that can receive MIDI and display it how you like. Some DAWS might have a built-in MIDI monitor functionality
  2. Build an external program as above (if you are a programmer)
  3. Build something like I did. I convert MIDI to serial and then display it on my LCD that I built with some hobby materials. See here. You probably need know how all of this stuff works. You could also check out Arduino projects. MT Pro can convert MIDI to serial.
  4. Find a piece of hardware that might do the same as above. (I haven’t found one yet) which is why I built one.

Good Luck!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Thanks for this swift reply. The options 1 and 3 sound most promising in my situation - Many thanks for sharing. I ll keep u posted.

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