I am a noooob... If someone can point me to reference material that would help me program this

Premiere pro. In the application, zooming a timeline uses the mouse wheel withe either the modifier keys of ctrl, alt or shift. Is there a way to add those to a midi rotary control (not infinite) so turning it will cause a ctrl+ mouse wheel up/down, etc

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Hi Kevin, and welcome!

I did something very similar yesterday. In this case I used absolute values to control increase and decrease in transparency of Corel Paint Shop Pro but the technique is pretty similar.

You can find the project file at the below link:


You would need to change your incoming controller number and channel to that of your choosing

You would also need to change the output to the keystrokes you want to use.

Other than that, it should work very similar.

There may be problems with endpoints depending on how your application understands scaling. In the example I scaled input value of 0-127 (MIDI values) to 0-100 (Percent transparency). For zoom in and zoom out on Premier Pro, I don’t know how many steps it would take to go from 0 zoom to 100% zoom so if you cannot achieve full scale, the scaling factoring in the rules may need adjusting. Try it without changing rules first though. Maybe we will get lucky.

Of course, things like this work better if you can use relative endless encoders instead of absolute values. But we will have to work with what you have on hand.




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Thank You kindly 🙂