I think my Bomebox is getting overwhelmed by MPE

I got delivery of my Expressive E Osmose and hooked it into my MIDI network/bomebox. But now if I have sequence going (eg my Novation Remote SL mk3 plays a MIDI module, or sends clock to another sequencer) AND I’m playing the Osmose at the same time (which sends MPE over MIDI to the Bomebox) I find the sequence timing goes all wrong. If I close the Osmose port on the BomeBox timing is OK. It feels like the Bomebox is getting overwhelmed by the MPE data which messes the timing of other messages. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a workaround?


First, make sure you have the latest version of BomeBox Firmware and Bome Network.

Then since MPE sends data on all MIDI channels, in order for them not to interfere you will need to be sure your MPE data is sent to a different MIDI port than the Expressive E Osmose. You should be able this using Remote Direct MIDI.

The same is true for timing clock. If you have more than one clock source, devices will get quite confused if they are receiving clock from more than one source.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, please show me a snapshot of how you have Bome Network configured both on your computers and BomeBox.

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Thank you Steve. I still don’t fully understand how everything relates to everything else. But I have confirmed I have the latest software and firmware. I am pretty sure I have only one clock source (currently Novation Remote SL mk3).

I have discovered that the problem disappears if I disconnect the BomeBox from the computer or turn off Remote Direct MIDI for the Osmose (which is a pain because my plan is to have the Osmose connected to the computer sometimes so I can use it as MPE controller for MPE-enabled plug-ins). So the BomeBox doesn’t like it when the Osmose is sending lots of MPE data through to the computer. The problems happen when I start pitchbending multiple notes…

I attach the MIDI Translator project that is currently installed on the BomeBox. It’s still a work in progress. I am planning to add some routes between the Osmose and other hardware in the setup that could handle MPE.

Studio Connections 20230122.bmtp (90.0 KB)

Wow, this is a complex setup. It appears that you are routing timing clock from multiple sources to multiple sources in translator 0.1. If your only clock source is Novation Remote SL Mk3, why are you accepting clock from other sources?

[x] Translator 0.1: Clock
Incoming: Timing Clock, on ports AA Novation SL Mk3 DIN1, BomeBox: SmplTrek

Also you are sending clock to multiple devices, so there may be an issue with clock going through the device MIDI thru path.

Outgoing: Timing Clock, to ports TS-10, TR Rack 14, Radias 7, Osmose, O1W, MRT3B, K2000 15, JX8P 3, JV2080 11, Juno 60 6, Hydrasynth, Evolver 9, ESQ1, BomeBox: XStation, BomeBox: SmplTrek, BomeBox: Prophet 6, BomeBox: Moog Sub 37, BomeBox: KP3, BomeBox: KAOSSILATOR PRO, BomeBox: JD-XA, BomeBox: HYDRASYNTH KB, BomeBox: Circuit, BomeBox: CASIO USB-MIDI, BomeBox: BomeBox DIN, BomeBox: Blofeld, BomeBox: Bass Station II, BomeBox: Arturia KeyStep 32

Your Osmose is on the list for receiving clock so maybe the incoming clock on your Osmose is messing up the outgoing MPE? (Just speculating)

The troubleshooting tact to take here is to eliminate all inputs and the turn them back on one at a time until the symptom returns. You should do all your testing with MT Pro on your computer if possible so that you can look at the log files to see what is happening.

If the problem is related to pitch bend using MPE, maybe you should focus just looking on the translators that pitch bend messages? Turn them all off and then add one at a time until the problem comes back. I’m pretty sure that the BomeBox should keep up with the messages and that the problem is likely more of how certain translators are written.

If you want to use Remote Direct MIDI for your Osmose and you have BomeNet option of “unlimited Named MIDI ports”, then you can set up two virtual MIDI ports and route your Osmose to both of them letting you BomeBox take a copy of one output and your computer a copy of a different output.

As an example, I route my APC MIDI Input to 3 virtual ports so that different apps can monitor them on their own port since Windows does not allow more than one app to open a given port at the same time.
Here the input of my APC-MINI is sent to 3 different MIDI ports. I could turn on Remote Direct MIDI for one of them on BomeBox and still have access to the other two on my Windows PC. Each of the outputs are Named Virtual Ports that I created.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Oh, forgot to mention. If you need help in troubleshooting this, please reduce you example down to the bare minimum that can illustrate the problem. I have limited time that I can use to help a given user on troubleshooting user written projects. However, I have plenty of time to isolate issues and see if I can reproduce them before reporting bugs.

Thanks for your understanding!

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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz