Ideas for connecting to other USB MIDI Hosts


I was wondering if anyone had good ideas or tips for connecting your Bomebox to other USB MIDI Hosts.

For example I have a Expert Sleepers FH1, and often when I use it with my Octatrack, i'll connect it using a cheap USB MIDI adapter.

I also have a iConnectAudio4+ and Erogenous Tones Structure and I'm trying to think about the best way to integrate them all nicely.

I assume using a USB A -> USB A wouldn't work. (Actually after typing this, I went and double checked this theory, as expected. Though, I did find that connecting to one of the USB B ports on the iConnect did work, which does open some interesting options if I don't mind not using it as an audio interface)

But I digress. Is anyone else connecting USB Hosts? How are you currently integrating them in your setup? (Interested both in successes and issues)



As you discovered, the BomeBox is a USB host but not a USB device. So the options to connected it to other hosts are as follows:


1) Use Bome Network  (Mac, Windows and soon iOS devices). You could  use your PC as a bridget to existing rtpMIDI network connection if you want to move data between your BomeBox and the iConnectivity device as I beleve they support rtpMIDI network only.

2) Use the DIN port and a then a  DIN to USB adapter cable to connect to another USB host device. Use DIN as a bridge from host to host.

3) Certain Allen and Heath devices can be network connected (see BomeBox web page for details)

4) Use a USB to serial cable to connect to any serial devices then use a crossover adapter and connect serial to USB on the other host (if it support serial over USB). You might be able to rig up an Arduino or Raspberry PI for this conversion as well.

I know some of the iConnectivity devices have both host and device ports so you could use a device port of an iConnectivity to connect to the host port of the BomeBox.  I don't think this is an option with the iConnectAudio 4+ so for that you would have to connect it to a PC with the device connection and then use Bome Network to get the data back and forth between your BomeBox and the attached computer. The iConnectAudio4+ has a device port but that is for both audio and MIDI so you would lose your audio connectivity if you hooked the device port of your iConnectAudio4+ to the host port of the BomeBox.


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No problem, thought I’d ask in case there was some super simple solution I was overlooking.

For my current setup, i’ll sacrifice one of the PC connections on the iConnect to bridge it, midi wise. This will also allow me to use an iPad to convert Ableton Link -> Midi, which I’ve previously found was more stable than PC based midi clock.

I’ll connect the Faderhost via my Octatrack using the Midi Dongle.

I’ll investigate using a RPi later and report back if I find something useful. There isn’t any sort of Bome Network client that works on RPi, is there?

We are considering Bome Network on RPi, but we haven’t fully decided yet… would be useful in any case!

Super useful :slight_smile: I imagine that could solve a lot of tactical problems. Additionally, there would be some interesting opportunity to leverage the GPIO for users to create custom phyical controls to do useful things.