Identifying all sysex in translator rule

Hiya Bome folks!

I’m using a Korg Kronos with Ableton Live. I have local control turned off on the Kronos and Ableton reflects back midi to the synth, so playing the keyboard etc works great. The Kronos has a bunch of physical controls, sliders etc that send sysex out. These stop working in this setup with local control disabled as Ableton doesn’t really understand sysex so is binning it.

Is it possible to create a Bome translator that simply sends all sysex received from the kronos IN port back to the kronos OUT port, and passes all other midi onto Ableton? I don’t need to do any translations, just reflect the sysex back. (I used to have a midi loopback app on the Mac that did this, but I’m on PC atm).

I can see there’s a raw MIDI / Sysex trigger, but I have to specify the hex strings for specific messages.

I could try to create a device in Max for Live in ableton to do this, but doing it at the Bome level would be more transparent.

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Hi Mat, and welcome to the forum!

I think what you want is to ensure all SysEx coming from Kronos out, gets routed back to Kronos in so that you can have the appearance of local control.

This is possible with Bome MIDI Translator.

First you need to make sure than any non-SysEX message from your Kronos only goes to Ableton Live only and not back to Kronos as you would likely create a MIDI infinite loop. You can do this with translators that direct only to the virtual port that you are using to send to Ableton Live (IE BMT 1) and then having the “Swallow” option set so that the message does not go through the static MIDI thru route (defined below). You can add as Kronos as output to any messages you still want to go through Back to Kronos but beware of MIDI loops.

Then you set up a MIDI Thru route in the MT Pro router from Kronos, back to Kronos. This would handle all the Sysex Messages or any messages that you don’t have defined translators.

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Hi Steve,

Brill, that sounds like a good approach. I’ll give it a go.



Glad to help, Mat!

I’m currently awaiting receipt of the new Korg Nautilus. I pre ordered the Nautilis instead of the Kronos specifically for the new arpeggios vs Karma as they are more in line with my ultimate goal which is live play and control. After thoroughly reading all the currently released documentation I’ve had to cease development until I can physically see what is actually controllable via midi. My studio is mid level and I use both a Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2 as well as a Korg PA4x and MP117 pedal board for control of Ableton Live 10. The PA4x, in truth, is probably the most capable midi controller available today once you understand the true capabilities it brings to the equation. As I belive that most, if not all, functions will also be compatible with the Kronos and I’ll gladly share any unique features I’m able to develop. Korg, in my experience, under advertises capabilities on numerous occasions. As I obtain a better understanding of the “under documented” features I’ll pass those along as well. In the event you aren’t interested in any of this, please let me know and I’ll refrain from blowing up your inbox .