If powering by POE, will something blow up that is NOT POE when using the ethernet out plug?

If I have a POE powered BomeBox and want to connect an iPad (wired) for instance to the “out” ethernet port is there POE there that might damage something? or, does the Bomebox only pass through the POE if something asks for it? (like my switch does, turns on when thing asks for it basically)


Hi, The power is supplied via pins on the connectors. It is up to the attached receiving device to determine if these pins are used or not. I believe by default, the iPAD lightning connect does not use these pins.

The reason I say this is because the below web site apparently has a converter that will allow the iPad to be powered by PoE.

Connect iPad to Ethernet and Power - MFI certified.

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I am hoping for an answer from Bome here----

Thank you for the thoughts. I would like to know how the Bome box :“thru” ethernet port works unequivocally though before I plug something in that may be damaged!- A friend of mine plugged POE power into his X32 console and fried it’s network board so I am being cautious!

***Is there always POE power on the thru port if BomeBox is being powered by POE? OR does the POE only get delivered to the thru port if connected to a device that calls for it?.. Is POE “ALWAYS ON” at thru port if BomeBox is powered by POE?

The manual says BomeBox acts as a switch and passes on any data, I want to plug a wired tablet in.

The BomeBox’ PoE Out connector follows the standard IEEE 802.3at, which requires auto-sensing if the connected device is PoE capable. If a non-PoE device is connected, the BomeBox will not send power to it.

What PoE device was used that fired his X32?

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Fantastic, thank you for this clear explanation!!!

The device that blew up X32 was a POE injector for a Ubiquity wifi-bridge, likely an “always on” device and not following the protocol you mention. I believe he plugged the wrong end into the X32 (the powered side)… scary! Can’t blame the device, but you have to be paying attention with those certainly.