If statements

Hi, I need help with the following issue:

When CC 25 channel 1 = value 11,
I need CC 73 value 127 to be changed to 0 when I press CC 25 channel 1 value =10,
but then re-enabled when I press CC 25 on channel 1 = value 11
If CC 73 already equaled 0 to begin with, nothing should happen when I press CC 25 on channel 1 = value 11 (or it should re-trigger CC 73=0 if that’s easier)

Some background (if you care to know!) This is for mapping my Viscount Legend Live’s drawbar preset A# and B to switch between percussion only being enabled on the B preset key, but and to stay with whatever the previous state was). This is to avoid a glitch in Acousticsamples B-5 where high frequency tones (foldback above tonewheel 91) are “stuck” if I switch between A and B presets while holding chords. I’ve contacted the company, but would rather find a workaround in case they don’t get on top of it…

Thank you!

Hi, and welcome back.
The attached is what I think you need.

The first translator looks at CC25 and sends CC73 Value 0 if CC25 is 10.

It sends CC 73 Value 127 if CC25 value is 11
It also stores the CC value in global variable ga so the the next translator can act differently depending on that value

The second translator input is CC73
If the value of CC25 (global variable ga) is not 11, it sends whatever the incoming CC value of CC73 is. Otherwise it sends CC value 73 value 0

As always, I use aliases in my project. They are set up as follows.


Viscount.bmtp (1.4 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Wow, thank you so much, Steve for your help! This is very close to what I need.

I actually need CC 73 to be remembered as being either value 0 or 127, based on what was previously stored in “ga”. That’s a great variable to know of… such a powerful program!

The only three possible values of CC25 are 10, 11 and 0.

Actually, another message that would be really helpful is if I could have one that sets CC’s 12 through 20 to equal value 0 if CC25 value = 0. (I would need separate functions for both channels 1 and 2—these equals the “cancel” keys for upper and lower manuals). I could try and figure this out on my own, but am still relatively a novice at Bome!

EDIT: I did just figure out how to do CC25 0 cancelling CC 12 through 20 in an un-elegant way (9 separate functions) but it works!

Thank you!