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Hi, I moved all my software to my new computer, so I exported my MIDI Translator Pro project, and moved the file over to the new computer, but I don't see anywhere that I can import this file into the new copy of the software.

Hi, I hope you did not export the project as text. Rather you should just save the project file on your old computer and then copy it over then open it on your new computer. Hopefully you still have your old computer around so that you can just save the files and then open them when you get them to your new computer. The export text function is primarily there just so that you can more easily read what the project is doing in a text editor.


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Put an answer instead of commenting. ... Thought it was \'reply\'.

Ya, I’ve been so used to using ‘export’ functions for software, I forgot about just moving a save file. Oops.

The old computer is here, but the program is gone. I made sure to delete it to free up the registry.

I didn’t export to text, there was a different export option instead. I have an export file now; a .syx file. Don’t know what it does. I’ll have to redo my project.

I noticed in the release notes, 1.8.4 has “Windows: Hi-DPI support for mouse emulation”.

Is that the mouse tracking I was asking about earlier, that will put the mouse back where it was after a mouse movement event? If not, can I have a look at MIDI Buddy, please?

Yes send a private email to

Ok sent.