Incoming Mouse Trigger

How come there isn't a way to trigger an event from a mouse event?

I wanted to trigger some actions to one of the buttons of my mouse I never use but realized there is no option in the incoming actions dropdown to do this - only keyboard buttons.



You are right, there are no mouse triggers, however, if you on Windows, I wrote a program that can supplement MT Pro and do just that. Only works on Windows though.



Hey thanks – I’ll give it a try.

You will need to send me an email to get a copy to download.

Steve Caldwell
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Hi Steve,

I’m on macOS (Catalina), and it would be wonderful to get a mouse trigger.
Do you have an actual workaround? Have you guys planned to add this feature?


Sorry, I’m not aware of a workaround or whether this is on a future road map. I have, however seen mouse drivers on PC that allow mapping some mouse buttons to keystrokes, so if you can find one of those, you might be able to use the driver to map a mouse button to a keystroke and them MT Pro to map that same keystroke to MIDI output.

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