Increase Velocity Outgoing

Hello There,

Could someone please help me with this? I like to increase the velocity of the incoming or outgoing midi message.

When i play my piano (silent piano, thats connected to the bomebox through 5 din midi, and connected to my computer), the velocity is somewhere between 40 and 64 (in ableton live 10). I would like to increase the velocity with 40 / 50. Not really sure if this is the incoming or outgoing setting. And how do you increase the velocity with a translator.

Is there someone how can help me with this? I am new and lost a bit in the translator settings.

Thanks for the time.


You can do something like this

Translator : Note On
Incoming: Note-On Any MIDI Channel set to oo, any note set to pp, any velocity set to qq

// increase velocity (you can adjust this as you like)


// Don't allow more than 127

if qq>127 then qq=125

// End of Rules
Outgoing: Note on MIDI Channel oo, note pp, velocity qq
Options: swallow


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