Increasing number of virtual ports

Hi. I'm a little crazy. My studio has a lot of midi stuff. Is there any way to increase the number of virtual ports past the 9 that are available? It would help keep everything tidy and crosstalk free... Thanks.


Try something like Midi Yoke. I don’t remember how many it allows but I’m sure it is a bunch. I would think whatever gear you have would have “real” ports anyway. I really only use virtual ports to tie things together on anything I want to monitor.



Not sure if it will take more than 9 but you also might want to start up with a larger number on the command line and see if that helps.


Hi, MT Pro is indeed limited to 9 ports for pure business reasons. The greedy Bome marketing team thought it would be great to shelve off some more money from the most loyal customers… Well, joking aside, we’re planning an add-on “Unlimited Virtual MIDI” or so:

  • create an unlimited number of virtual ports
  • give each port an individual name
  • use the ports in the MIDI Router and in your MT Pro project file
  • store the port definitions in the MT Pro project file

This add-on will also work in the Bome Network tool.
I assume this would be what you need…

Oh yes… Thanks Florian!!!!!!!

I’d like this, especially for Bome Network.

This is a great feature. Any update on whether it’s out yet or what the ETA is? Thanks!

thanks for asking back. We hope to get to this feature soon; it’s out of planning and in the implementation queue. But we generally don’t publish ETA’s…

where’s the link?

We’re actually close to release of “unlimited virtual MIDI ports” for Bome Network! No ETA…

Any closer now?


Unlimited Virtual MIDI ports is now available as an add-on to Bome Network Pro.

You can find a link about 1/2 way down on this page.

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