Increment/ Decrement Program change message

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It has been a while since I have tinkered with BMT and the program is working fine. I have been using workarounds with the mixer more than(re)programming BMT for the most part but BMT will always be the brain of my setup.

I want to use my MIDI controller to send a MIDI note on message to BMT. BMT translates and sends
this to a Program Change message to my FX unit.

Does BMT need to know the what program # the FX unit is on before beginning, or is there just a ‘generic’ program change message that basically says: “from wherever you are, go one step up/down”.


Hi Terrence,

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If I remember there are CC’s in the MIDI spec deigned as data increment an decrement messages, however I’ve found most controllers or applications don’t use them so we will probably need to have some way to tell the initial bank we are on and then track it in MT Pro as a global variable and send out absolute Program Change number using the global variables. and then update the global variables to keep track of things.

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Thanks Steve. That’s what I thought too. Ok I will try it out.