Infinite/rotary knob for fx control in rekordbox with behringer dmc dv1

i need help with this. how do i make a translate with bome for converting an infinite knob to a fx control in rekordbox. thanks

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I would need to know what MIDI your infinte/rotary knobs sends from your controller and what MIDI rekordbox is expecting.

To see what the know is sending, open Bome MIDI Translator Pro, enable your Behringer Dmc Dv1 as input, open the log window, turn on MIDI IN and then turn the knob in each direction so you can see what it is sending. If it is an absolute value, turn it right past 127 to see if it keeps sending 127 when it reaches the end and turn left to see if it keeps sending 0 after it reaches the end.

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thank you steve, and sorry for the late answer. i just had translated an infinite rotary knob to an absolute one. my question is next: how do i configure the movement to be more than ‘1’ to the output aplication. it’s just that the movement of the knob is so slow. how do you make it more quick.
thank you very much for your videos and your message-
also one more question.
is bome taking absolute control of the dv1 surface? my rekordbox app is not reading no midi input from my dv-1 while bome is running on the system. the fact is that ive already set the mayor part of my midi inputs to rekordbox just from rekordbox. do i have to translate every midi input from my surface to work on rekordbox?
sorry for my english. i’m from argentina.
you are awesome for what you do.

You use a different global variable to track each knob’s position.

This tutorial shows how to convert a relative encoder to absolute encoder.

You can change the incremented and decremented value more than one.

Yes, on Windows only one device or application can access a given MIDI port at a given time. For things that you do not what translated, simply define a MIDI thru path by drawing a line between the input (your DV1) and the application (a Bome MIDI Translator Virtual Port). If you want to have your application update your DV1, then draw another line from the Virtual Port to your DV1.

See the below picture. Anything without a translator will go through these paths.


Your doing OK. Thanks for the compliment!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Thank You! I Will try this now!

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