Input value 63 to -CC, 65 to +CC

I’m really lost with the formula. I watched the YouTube videos on changing this, but I’m doing something wrong.
Going clockwise on a platter outputs cc value 65. Counterclockwise outputs 63.
So I’m trying to change that so it can be a range of 0-127 knob.
Clock wise would increase the value up to 127 and stop,
Counterclockwise decrease it to 0 and stop.

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The example shows above is using values of 127 for negative and 1 for positive. You want 63 (0x3f) and 65 (0x41)

The following rules should work. Each knob will need it’s own global variable. In this case I’m using ga.

if qq>0x40 then ga=ga+1
if qq<0x40 then ga=ga-1
if ga<0 then ga=0
if ga>127 then ga=127

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Works beautifully. I’m able to link the platter to Fruity Scratch now.
And I can use that formula for any other of the endless encoders now.
Thank you.

Fruity Scratch


It actually doesn’t work beautifully. Fruity Scratch links with knobs no problem, but the platters just struggle. It works fine for a few seconds, but then always shoots the play header to one side or kind of stutters itself randomly. I dunno, just giving up.

Maybe if you showed the log text with MIDI IN and MIDI OUT set, we could figure out what is going on?

Sound great,

I wasn’t even thinking, but that’s potentially a beta leak. I shouldn’t have said that.
Wow I’m stupid. I deleted the post.