Intermittent nature of older keyboards or control surfaces

I'm finding some of my old keyboards, modules and control surfaces are occasionally sending out intermittent MIDI messages to Midi Translator. Can't blame MT for responding to this gibberish in unexpected ways!!

All I can say is really exercise all the buttons, sliders, knobs, etc. on your product and hopefully that will clear up most of the problem.

In my case, a momentary button on a module was occasionally sending out a message to a slider instead. It wasn't the button's fault as I can tell. Seems that the slider on the module was dirty and the action of pushing on the button mechanically activated the slider and it decided to send out it's message. Roland scans their control surfaces and the first one that speaks up gets to rule the roost. (does that make any sense?)


Yes I’ve dealt with this before, especially with sliders. In your case, you could set a flag with a global variable on a short timer that clears the flag. Then modify the slider to ignore input unless the flag is cleared. The downside here is if you really do want to move both simultaneously, you will be out of luck.

So the button sets global variable ga to value of one and then starts a 10msec timer.

The timer sets ga back to zero.

You slider only actives when ga=1 by the following rule

if ga!=0 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

You put that rule on your offending slider.


Steve Caldwell
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