Invert Encoder Mixtrack Pro and Rekordbox 5

I’m using Mixtrack Pro (Numark) on Rekordbox 5. I’m completely new to BMT.

What I would like to do is use my normal mapping and have another virtual mapping which will allow me to use my 2 encoders in the correct operating direction and perhaps even later to use the jogs

Here is my basic configuration. Rekordbox sees the virtual port well

F0 6C F0
Are these Raw Midi settings good?
What should I put in the rules now?
Thank you in advance for your response and analysis.

PS: translation By google I am French

Check you incoming MIDI message again. The incoming MIDI message your provided is not valid MIDI.

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Hello Steve

Finally I managed to get by.
I even managed to get the Jogwhells to work

Here’s what I’m trying to do, so far I haven’t found it.
I would like to map 3 functions to a button:
1st press - Display of HOTCUE
2nd Press - PAD FX display
3rd press - Beatjump display
4th press - I return to the HOTCUE

It seems to me that I need to make modifiers to the rules

What MIDI does your button send when pressed and released?

What MIDI message do you need to send for each press?

Typically you will use a global variable to determine number of button presses and send a different MIDI message depending on the count.

The attached is a demonstration.

We use note-on note 0 on MIDI ch 1 for incoming.

We use a global variable ‘ga’ as a counter.
Depending on the current count (value of ga), we output a different note number.

We use a local variable ‘tt’ to set the note number and then we send it.

I set up my aliases as follows:

You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Here are the rules:

if ga>3 then ga=0
if pp==0 then tt=23
if pp==1 then tt=5
if pp==2 then tt=12
if pp==3 then tt=14

Log "Log Press=%pp% Output=%tt%"

And the project file.

Cycle-Output-2024-04-08.bmtp (892 Bytes)

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Thank you very much
I managed to create what I wanted to do thanks to you
I just modified
if ga>3 then ga=0 ------- if ga>2 then ga=0 (3 positions)
I think I explained myself wrong the first time, sorry.

then I made a copy and paste by changing the MIDI note for deck 2 of the RKB software and I just changed the TT values (be careful, some values can conflict, duplicate)

Hi, I’m glad you figured it out and got it working!

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