Ipmidi, UDP-Port: 21928


our new organ uses ipmidi with UDP-Port: 21928. The system did not use rtp. (Further information about ipmidi: ipMIDI - MIDI over Ethernet port). Every windchest has got a midi decoder. The communication between the chests goes via a classical network. I tried to connect the bomebox with the network of our organ. But the bomebox find no decoder. Every decoder has a fixed ip-adress. When I add the ip-adress of the decoder the bomebox could not connect.
Is it possible to use the bomebox with ipmidi?

Many thanks for your help.


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Unfortunately for you BomeBox does not to ipmidi.

We support BomeNetwork USB MIDI and MIDI DIN and certain Allen and Heath Products that use TCP MIDI. We can also send MIDI over a serial port if you have a USB to serial adapter.

If your organ has the capability to do TCP (not UDP), then we may be able to figure a way to use the raw tcp Protocol. Your organ would need to be a server to connect. I would find it hard to believe a newer organ would not support other MIDI transports.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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