Irig Pads LED feedback help with MTP and Bome


i’m curious if anyone could give some direction on getting custom LED feedback on the pads of the Irig Pads midi controller.

We are attempting to use the pads to send program changes to various fx hardware modules. I have played around in MTP and have gotten the LEDs to respond via the CCs listed in the Irig manual. But now I need to hone it in a bit. Here’s the idea:

When sending a program change from the pads (which the Irig Pads can do natively) I need the pad that sends the program change to light up and stay lit (toggled) until another program change is sent, and then the previous pad will go dark and the new pad will light. Basically, for every PC sent on the same midi channel, only one pad should stay lit at a time. We have 3 midi channels assigned different rows of the pads. So, a maximum of 3 pads should be lit at the same time, and should reflect the most recent pad pressed, darkening the previous one.

I think this would be dealt with by using the conditional options in MTP.

Am I on the right track? Thanks for all and any suggestions you guys have! I appreciate it. We have a Bome and will be uploading the MTP project once we dial it in.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Please find the attached example
The first preset has the input set to iRig and output set to application. We pass the same MIDI Program Change out that is being sent by the iRig. I defined two pads, you can use this pattern for the rest.

The second preset handles the LED feedback to the iRig. The iRig is defined as the output device. The same incoming messages are used as in preset one but the outgoing is different. We send a raw MIDI message to turn off all LED’s in the row, followed by turning LED’s on at the velocity to produce the desired color.

For Rows 2-4, you will need to model this for the CC’s in that row. Keep in mind the CC numbers are all in hex. For instance B0 5E 00 is CC change MIDI CH 1 CC 94.

The full raw text for pad 1 is :

// turn off all LEDs in this row
b0 5e 00 be 5f 00 b0 60 00 b0 61 00 b0 62 00 b0 63 00 b0 64 00 b0 65 00
// turn on color for Pad 1 only
b0 ss qq b0 tt rr

ss and tt are the cc numbers and qq and rr are the velocities defined in the rules of that translator.

I’m not able to test this as I do not have an iRig Pads controller. I used this document to calculate what is need.

Please set your aliases as appropriate when opening the project file.

irig-example-2022-12-27.bmtp (2.5 KB)

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