Is it possible to configure Midi Translator Pro to log midi commands as soon as a port is created?

I want to capture the initial commands sent/received when my Icon Platform M+ is connected. When the device is not connected the port doesn’t exist so I can’t configure it for logging. Once Midi Translator Pro sees the port it’s too late to initiate logging.


Yes, create an alias and point it to your desired hardware. Then use the ‘port opened’ incoming action to trigger SysEx.

See the attached example. I’m using the new ‘Perform’ feature of MT Pro 1.9.1 but if you have an older version you can use a one shot timer instead. I also added a keystroke trigger for testing.

Here are how my aliases are set up. I don’t actually have a Platform M+.

Port-Open-SysEx-Using Perform.bmtp (1.3 KB)

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